Thursday, March 15, 2012

fun times

doing a little better today.

we've been having a fun spring break. we have spent the week on the go.

monday- went to the park and also roller skating

tuesday- went to the dallas zoo....with every other person in north texas. seriously.

wednesday- took the kids to see the lorax

thursday- pump it up playtime, and chick fil a for lunch (plus baseball practice....)

friday-a super fun oil change (haha) and then shopping with nana for a little while....hoping to talk the kids into staying over with nana....that will make saturday morning simpler!

:) i will post about saturday, on saturday! see ya then

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

let me count the ways....

today has been rough. i'm not really sure why.

you would think that after two years of doing this on my own, i'd be over it all by now. and alot of the time i am.

until i'm not.

and then it comes crashing down, and its so so hard.

its hard because i didn't want any of this.
its hard because i get so tired.
its hard because at times, i feel like such a failure, and i know that however all this turns out, the way my little monsters turn out, its to my credit (or fault) its feels like my fault
its hard because i don't want to feel so jealous of my happily married friends. i don't want to feel jealous of their relationships, support, partnership, companionship, and sadly, sometimes what they have (or their kids) have the opportunity to do......
its hard because after two years, people get tired of listening to you whine
its hard because i still don't understand
its hard because i don't want to be a single mom of three kids, and i just want to stamp my feet and scream "its not fair. somebody, make this right!"

isn't that just awful?

maybe tomorrow will be better and i will take my pity-party post down.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

spring break!!!!, beaches, beer, the river, beer, camping, beer....

oh wait, no, i'm a grown up.


don't get me wrong, i still look forward to spring break, but its not what it was BCC (before children of the corn). now its the zoo, skating rinks, home improvement, and experimenting with new recipes. life just changes so much. i'll keep you posted as to the new things we try, include a link if its a hit, and maybe some pics of our fun.

so what is everyone up to over spring break? leave me a comment...especially if you have any great (cheap) ideas!

am i the only one already planning summer adventures? it seems every year i start our summer list earlier and earlier. i don't know if its just to help me daydream through the last ten weeks of school (oh, yea, i am already counting down...) or because i really am that uptight. possibly a little of column a, a little of column b.....